Residential Mortgages

Buying A House?

I help buyers qualify and purchase homes. Whether you are looking for a VA, FHA or other type of loans, I will help you qualify.

Loan Types

VA Loans

VA loans are loans geared towards US Military Veterans.

FHA Loans

FHA loans are government backed loans that allow for a 3.5% down payment.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are geared towards everything else. Whether you are looking for an investment purchase or a 5% down loan.



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Home Buying Process

Step 1 – Planning

The first step is to talk to a loan officer or bank about your financial well being. As a loan officer I can assess your ability to buy a home and the following:

  • Credit worthiness and requirements
  • Cash required for downpayment & closing costs
  • Loan guidelines

Step 2 – Pre Approval

It is time to get an official Pre-Approval document. This is what a real estate agent will use to draft up a contract. In order to receive a pre-approval letter, you will need:

  • Last 2 paystubs
  • Previous Year Tax Return
  • Easy Application filled out

Step 3 – Purchase

So you have your pre-approval and all of your ducks are in a line. Now comes the fun part. Chose a home, and lets put in an offer. Don’t worry your loan officer will help you with the entire mortgage side.

What My Clients Think

Sam Johnson

Shane helped us close our loan on our first home, the process was so easy and we are excited to finally own a home.

Kimberly Ortega

Working with Shane was easy since day 1. He gave us credit tips that allowed us to fix our credit in order to be approved for a FHA loan.

Lucy Michaels

I will always go with a loan officer over a bank. Since the beginning Shane was willing to lend his time and expertise to us to walk us through the whole home buying process.